At Fusion Design we stand behind the quality of products. We use seven different types of hardwoods and have created several stains for each wood that complement the natural beauty of the wood. Learn more about our woods and the available stains below. Click on the image for the name of the finish.

Our mission is to provide quality solid wood furniture that lasts generations. To help protect your furniture, we use a commercial grade catalyzed varnish to protect all our furniture. We seal all sides of the furniture, such as the underside of the table, bottom of chairs, etc.

Hardwood forests cover more than 269 million acres in the United States. Although it takes an average of 80 years for a tree to mature, natural reseeding and sprouting contribute to the regeneration of our forests. Conscientious caretakers are also responsible for the ongoing rebirth of this country’s hardwood resource thanks to the use of a practice known as sustained yield forest management. Thanks to this practice, the United States grows twice as much hardwood as it harvests every year. In fact, current projections show that by the year 2040, the U.S. will have about 70% more hardwoods available for harvest.

Conservation has long been a byword for the wood industry, both in the forest and in manufacturing. Lumber mills use approximatly 98% of the entire tree harvested. Thanks to the introduction of laser guided saws, improved quality control and computer-assisted manufacturing, virtually nothing is wasted. The bark, which can constitute up to 20% of a log, often fuels the mill. Bark also is used to produce mulches and soil conditioners, while trimmings are processed into a variety of wood products, including paper.

U.S. hardwoods are coveted the world over for their warmth and lasting beauty in furniture, cabinetry, millwork, and flooring. In finished products, hardwoods are the purest expression of nature. They are not synthetic, nor are they engineered. Their beauty is not just skin deep.

Hardwoods include broad-leafed trees like oak, walnut, cherry, maple, hickory, and dozens of other species. Mature hardwoods supply the nation, and much of the world, with timber used for everything from railroad ties to quality furniture.

Just as each tree is different from the next, so, too, are hardwood products individually unique. Hardwoods are characterized by an infinite variety of grains and distinctive textures. Trees grow limbs that fall off as the tree matures. What remains is a knot on the hardwood surface. These natural markings add character to the wood’s appearance and have absolutely no effect on the wood’s durability and stability.

At Fusion Designs, we strive to bring out the natural beauty of each piece of wood. These characteristics give each piece its unique charm. As a result, even though the finishing processes are identical, no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. Embrace the uniqueness of your hardwood furniture. It’s what nature intended.